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Forged Steel Floating Ball Valve

1. Product Overview

forged steel floating ball valve

A typical forged steel floating ball valve. Two piece split body, side entry.

Forged steel floating ball valves are mainly constructed by intricate valve parts made from forged materials. Compared to the cast counterparts, forged steel has fine-grained metallurgical microstructure which has less inclusions and less liquations. The forged steel ball valve not only eliminates internal defects of cast steel such as microsegration and microporosity but also attains improved omnidirectional mechanical properties as well as better corrosion resistance.

2. Technical specifications for forged steel floating ball valve

Design Features

The forged steel floating ball valve can be designed and manufactured to the same standards as that of cast steel floating ball valves. Its design features are illustrated below,

forged steel floating ball valve design features

The illustration of design features of forged steel floating ball valve.

(1) Double “D” stem head which ensures handle lever will always be mounted correctly, parallel to flow, indicating valve open and closed positions. (2) Secure line flow locking device: the valve is equipped with an integral locking device to secure line flow. (3) Anti-static device: Spring loaded pins assures that the electrical continuity between the ball, stem and body, to avoid arcing due to static buildup. (4) Blow-out proof stem: the lower end of the separate stem is T-shoulder shaped to create an integral collar making the stem blow-out proof. (5) Bolted body maintains seal integrity with properly torqued bolting. (6) Fire safe design: metal to metal sealing shuts off valve flow when soft sealing materials are destroyed by fire.

Material Selection

3d explosive view of forged steel floating ball valve

The 3D explosive view of a forged steel floating ball valve, side entry & two piece split body design.

1BodyASTM A105NASTM A182 F316ASTM A105NASTM A350 LF2
2BonnetASTM A105NASTM A182 F316ASTM A105NASTM A350 LF2
3BallASTM A105N/ ENPASTM A182 F316ASTM A105N/ ENPASTM A182 F316
4LeverCarbon SteelCarbon SteelCarbon SteelCarbon Steel
6StemASTM A182 F6aASTM A182 F316ASTM A182 F6aASTM A182 F316
7GlandASTM A276 420ASTM A276 316ASTM A276 420ASTM A276 316
9Packing SetGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphite
10Space RingASTM A276 420ASTM A182 F316ASTM A276 420ASTM A182 F316
12StudASTM A193 B7ASTM A193 B8ASTM A193 B7MASTM A193 L7M
13NutASTM A194 2HASTM A194 8ASTM A194 2HMASTM A194 7M
15BoltCarbon SteelSSCarbon SteelSS
16Gland CapASTM A105NASTM A182 F316ASTM A105NASTM A350 LF2
18Gland FlangeASTM A216 WCBASTM A351 CF8ASTM A216 WCBASTM A352 LCB
19BoltASTM A193 B7ASTM A193 B8ASTM A193 B7MASTM A193 L7M
20Locking PlateSSSSSSSS
22BoltCarbon SteelSSCarbon SteelSS
23WasherCarbon SteelSSCarbon SteelSS
24Stop PlateCarbon SteelCarbon SteelCarbon SteelCarbon Steel
The conventional material selection for forged steel floating ball valves. Other materials are available upon request.

See the dimension and weight specification of forged steel floating ball valves 600LB, 900LB, and 1500LB.

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Floating Ball Valve

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