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Floating Type 3 Piece Ball Valve

1. Product overview

forged steel floating 3 piece ball valve

Forged steel 3 piece ball valve with mounting pad, floating type, side entry, full bore(FB) or reduced bore(RB), NPT or BSPT end.


Metals Valve manufactures small sizes(2″ and below) forged steel floating type 3 piece ball valves covering pressure ratings of 800LB, 1500LB and 2500LB. These lever operated valves are often furnished with screwed ends. The bolted body is constructed by 3 separate body parts. The central body can be easily removed without disturbing the end connections hence it is cost effective for maintenance. See the technical specifications for full port and reduced port forged steel three-piece ball valves.

2. Specifications of forged steel floating type 3 piece ball valves

Design Features

Design standard: ASME B16.34; pressure ratings: Class 800/900, Class 1500, Class 2500; reduced port or full port, lever operated, floating ball, female NPT(ASME B1.20.1) end connection. Besides, it has the following illustrated features:

design features of forged floating 3 piece ball valve

Design features of forged steel three piece ball valve, floating type, side entry with mounting pad.

(1) The integral locking device which is used to secure the line flow. (2) Anti-static device (optional). (3) ISO 5211 mounting pad which simplifies the installation of actuators. (4) T shaped blow-out proof stem. (5) O-Ring seal to protect the threads from crevice corrosion.

Material Selection

This floating type 3 pc ball valve is soft seated and can be manufactured from forged materials including carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.


3D explosive view of forged steel 3 piece ball valve, floating type, NPT connection.

NoPartStandardStainless SteelSour ServiceLow Temp. Service
1BodyASTM A105NASTM A182-F316ASTM A105NASTM A350-LF2
2BonnetASTM A105NASTM A182-F316ASTM A105NASTM A350-LF2
4LeverCarbon SteelCarbon SteelCarbon SteelCarbon Steel
7StemASTM A182-F6aASTM A182-F316ASTM A182-F6aASTM A182-F316
8GlandASTM A276-420ASTM A276-316ASTM A276-420ASTM A276-316
9Gasket316 S.S.+Graphite316 S.S.+Graphite316 S.S.+Graphite316 S.S.+Graphite
10Packing SetGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphite
11O-RingViton AEDViton AEDViton AEDViton AED
13BoltASTM A193-B7ASTM A193-B8ASTM A193-B7MASTM A320-L7M
14Anti Static DeviceS.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.
15NutCarbon SteelS.S.Carbon SteelS.S.
The conventional material selection for 3 piece floating ball valves. Other materials are available upon request.

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Floating Ball Valve

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