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V Port Ball Valve

1. Product overview

V port ball valve with pneumatic actuator

A typical V port ball valve, pneumatic actuator operated, RF flanged ends, 300LB.


A V-port ball valve is a typical ball control valve designed not only for on-off but also for flow throttling purpose. Its has a V-Notch ball that is segmented – a hollow segment sphere that allows  reasonably smooth flow through the valve body with small pressure drop. Metals Valve’s V port ball valves are designed as trunnion mounted and single seat sealing (unidirectional flow arrow will be clearly marked on the external surface of the body). These ball valves can be either soft seated or metal seated depending on the service conditions. The available operation methods include: lever operation, worm-gear operation, pneumatic or electric actuator operation. And automated actuation is preferred. Two basic construction styles are provided: flanged or wafer type. The V port ball valve provides an inherent linear flow characteristic, which can become close to the equal-percentage characteristic when installed. Sine the rotary action of the ball provides a shearing action against the seal, V ball control valves are also self-cleaned and are well suited for slurry applications or processes with fibrous content(such as wood pulp). See the related technical specification of material & actuator selection.

2. Design features, standards and performance index of V port ball valves

Design Features

(1) Straight-through flow passage design provides high throttling capacity and small pressure drop.
(2) The integrated one-piece body construction eliminates possible leak from body joints.
(3) The heavy duty body design and PTFE filled composite seat ring provide extended rangeability.
(4) Tight shutoff sealing: metal seated can achieve Class IV while soft seated can achieve Class VI.
(5) The simple quarter-turn stroke ensures quick switch. Rotary operation significantly reduces possible emission.
(6) Simple structure, light weight, easy installation and maintenance.
(7) Single seating design & unidirectional flow: the seating surface is on the downstream side of the valve.
(8) Continuous contact between the ball and seat during rotation provides shearing effect which makes the V port ball valve suitable for slurry, erosive and viscous applications.

Reference Standards

(1) ASME B16.34 – Valves-Flanged, Threaded, and Welding End.
(2) End flange to ASME B16.5 or EN 1092-1
(3) IEC 60534-2-4 Part 2-4: flow capacity-inherent flow characteristics and rangeability.
(4) ISA S75.04 Face-to-Face Dimensions for flangeless partial-ball control valves Classes 150, 300, 600.
(5) Inspection and test to: API 598 & EN 12266-1.

Performance Index

(1) Intrinsic Error: ±2%(with positioner); ±5%(without positioner); ±1%(electronic actuator).
(2) Hysteresis Error: 1%(with positioner); 3%(without positioner); ±0.8%(electronic actuator).
(3) Hysteresis: 1%(with positioner); 5%(without positioner); 1%(electronic actuator).
(4) Rangeability: 300:1.
(5) Leakage Class: Class IV(metal to metal); Class VI(soft seated).
(6) Flow characteristic: Equal Percentage. Cv value and allowable pressure drop are available.

3. Size, Pressure Ratings, Temperature Range, Connection and Coating

Size & Pressure & Temperature

Nominal Diameter
Pressure Ratings
ASME ClassClass 150Class 300Class 600
EN PNPN16~PN25PN40~PN50PN63~PN100
JIS10K20K, 30K40K
Applicable Temperature Range
Normal Temp.Medium Temp.High Temp.

End Connection & Coating

End ConnectionSealing FaceMetals' Code
Flange EndFlat FaceFF
Flange EndRaised FaceRF
Wafer EndFlat FaceWF

Coating Requirements:
(1) Standard painting color of carbon steel valves: RAL9006 silvery white.
(2) The stainless steel valve body should not be painted.
(3) The original color of electric actuator should be kept unless otherwise specified.
(4) Other paintings are available upon customer’s specific request.

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Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

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