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DIN 3352 Gate Valve

1. Product Overview

DIN 3352 Gate Valve

A DIN 3352 gate valve, PN16 DN400 F4, OS&Y, flanged ends.


Metals Valve’s DIN 3352 gate valves are typical wedge gate valves designed and manufactured to German DIN standards covering materials of cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel and alloy steel. The housing connection between body and bonnet can be classified as restrained or unrestrained flange seal, pressure self-sealing, and screwed seal. DIN 3352 gate valves can be manufactured either with rising stem(OS&Y) or non-rising stem. Rigid wedge and resilient wedge are available upon clients’ request.

Operation: Handwheel, Worm Gear, Electric Actuator, Pneumatic Actuactor. End Connections: Flanged(RF, FF, or RTJ), Butt Weld(BW). Standards: designed & manufactured to DIN 3352; inspected and tested to DIN 3230, ISO 5208, EN 12266; flanged ends to EN 1092-1, DIN 2543~DIN 2550; butt welding ends to DIN 3239/ EN 12627; face to face length: DIN 3202, EN 588-1, ISO 5752. Pressure Ratings: PN10, PN16, PN25, PN60; Applications: oil & gas, sewage treatment, water supply, chemical projects.

 2. Drawing and Material Selection for DIN 3352 gate valves

Section Drawing

Section Drawing of DIN 3352 gate valve

The illustrative section drawing of a DIN 3352 gate valve.

Material Selection

No.Part NameCarbon SteelAlloy SteelStainless Steel
1BodyA216 WCBA352 LCBA217 WC6A217 WC9A351 CF8A351 CF8M
2WedgeA216 WCBA352 LCBA217 WC6A217 WC9A351 CF8A351 CF8M
3StemA182 F6A182 F6A182 F304A182 F304A182 F304A182 F304
5BonnetA216 WCBA352 LCBA217 WC6A217 WC9A351 CF8A351 CF8M
6Bonnet NutA194 2HA194 4A194 7A194 7A194 8A194 8M
7BonnetA193 B7A193 L7A193 B16A193 B16A193 B8A193 B8M
8Back SeatA182 F6A182 F6A182 F304A182 F304A182 F304A182 F316
9PackingSoft GraphiteSoft GraphiteSoft Graphite
10PINA276 410A276 410A276 410
11Eyebolt BoltA193 B7A193 B7A193 B7A193 B7A193 B8A193 B8
12Eyebolt NutA194 2HA194 2HA194 2HA194 2HA194 8A194 8
13GlandA182 F6A182 F6A182 F6A182 F6A182 F304A182 F316
14Gland FlangeA216 WCBA216 WCBA216 WCBA216 WCBA351 CF8A351 CF8
15Stem NutDuctile IronDuctile IronDuctile IronDuctile IronDuctile IronDuctile Iron
16GlandCarbon SteelCarbon SteelCarbon Steel
17HandwheelCast IronCast IronCast Iron
18Handwheel NutCarbon SteelCarbon SteelCarbon Steel

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Wedge Gate Valve

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