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API 602 Gate Valve

1. Product Overview

forged steel API 602 gate valve

A forged steel gate valve manufactured to API 602, SW ends, OS&Y.

Metals Valve provides forged steel API 602 gate valves in sizes 4″ and smaller for natural gas and petroleum industries, as well as power plant services. Pressure designation: includes Class 150, Class 300, Class 600, Class 800, Class 900 and Class 1500. Size range: 1/4″(DN 8) ~ 4″(DN 100).

Design Standards: API 602, ISO 15761, BS5351; End Connections: Butt Welding(BW)-ASME B16.25, Socket Welding(SW)-ASME B16.11, Threaded-ASME B1.20.1; Hydraulic and Air Test: API 598; Pressure & Ratings: ASME B16.34.

Design Features: bolted bonnet, welded bonnet, pressure sealed bonnet; fully guided one-piece solid wedge to reduce wear on seating surfaces; effective back seating design and packing mechanism to ensure a tight stem seal; outside screw and yoke(OS&Y) with rising stem; Tee-head stem design to prevent the stem from becoming disengaged from the wedge while the valve is in service. Half grooved/ recessed body-bonnet joint design to accommodate spiral wound stainless steel gasket for a tight body-bonnet sealing. Hard faced surfaces of both seating rings and the wedge to provide excellent wear resistance.

2. Featured Patterns of API 602 Forged Steel Gate Valves

Bolted Bonnet

API 600 gate valve with bolted bonnetG.A drawing of API 600 bolted bonnet gate valve
The bolted bonnet API 600 gate valve, OS&Y, product photo & G.A drawing. End connection: SW, BW, or Thraded.

Welded Bonnet

API 600 gate vlaves with welded bonnetG.A drawing of API 600 gate valves with welded bonnet
The welded bonnet API 600 gate valve, OS&Y, product photo & G.A drawing. End connection: SW, BW, or Thraded.

Pressure Sealed

Pressure Sealed Gate Valve, API 600, forged steelG.A drawing of pressure seal gate valve, API 600, forged steel
The API 600 gate valve, pressure-sealed bonnet design, OS&Y rising stem, product photo & G.A drawing. End connection: SW, BW, or Thraded.

Integral Flanged

Integral Flanged API 602 Gate ValveG.A drawing of integral flanged API 602 gate valve
Forged steel API 600 gate valve, integral flanged ends(RF or RTJ), bolted bonnet(BB), OS&Y, product photo & G.A drawing.

3. Material Selection

Trim Material Selection

Trim NumberGate SurfacesSeat SurfacesStem Material
113Cr13CrASTM A182 F6a
218Cr-8Ni18Cr-8NiASTM A182 F304
5HF(Co-Cr A)HF(Co-Cr A)ASTM A182 F6a
813CrHF(Co-Cr A)ASTM A182 F6a
1018Cr-8Ni-Mo18Cr-8Ni-MoASTM A182 F316
1218Cr-8Ni-MoHF(Co-Cr A)ASTM A182 F316
13Alloy 20Alloy 20Alloy 20
15HF(Co-Cr A)HF(Co-Cr A)ASTM A182 F304
16HF(Co-Cr A)HF(Co-Cr A)ASTM A182 F316
According to API 602, trim items include the stem, wedge/ gate seating surfaces, seating surfaces of body or seat ring. Trim No.1 and No.2 now are obsolete.

Valve Parts Other Than Trims

Item No.Part NameMaterials
1HandwheelDuctile Iron
2Name PlateStainless Steel
3Handwheel NutASTM A194 2H; ASTM A194 8
4Stem NutASTM A276 420
5Gland BoltASTM A193 B8
6Gland NutASTM A194 8
7Gland FlangeASTM A216 WCB; ASTM A352 LCB; ASTM A351 CF8
8GlandSS304, SS316
10Bonnet BoltASTM A193 B7, B7M, B8, B16; ASTM A320 L7M
11Bonnet NutASTM A194 2H, 7M, 8, 16
12Bonnet GasketSS304+Graphite; SS316+Graphite
13Seat RingASTM A276 410; ASTM A182 F304/ F316
14GateASTM A182 F6a/ F304/ F316
15BodyASTM A105, ASTM A350 LF2, ASTM A182 F5/ F11/ F22/ F91, F304(L)/ F316(L)
Typical material selection for valve parts other than trim items of API 602 forged steel gate valves. Other materials are available upon request.

See the dimension and weight specifications of API 602 gate valves.

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